Diecast shielded product capability for enhanced emi / rfi protection

Die cast shells and casing can offer a good solution to help prevent signal interferance in various High speed data applications.

 ConnectorWe represent one of the very few Far eastern Connector Manufacturers to have full in house die-cast molding facilities for various products used within HDMI and Non HDMI high speed data products.
We also make all our own dies and mould tooling in house.

Diecast shielded products can be made to very close tolerances.
They are extremely strong and lightweight. Most importantly they offer excellent EMI and RFI screening properties that can be difficult to acheive using traditional or copper foil / tape solutions.

Most products are Die Cast in Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy or Copper alloy.

One of our recent die casted projects was for a Mobile phone docking station, which offered a superior EMI RFI solution for the micro USB and Micro HDMI type Dee connections.

Please Contact us with your new Interconnect project details which require a die-casting solution. We will be pleased to help.