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  HDMI male to female adaptor right angle type
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HDMI male to female adaptor
right angle type
19 position type A Adapter
Part number: 1901139 series

This adapter allows you to save space and creates a 90 degree downward pointing cable exit from your hdmi equipment, especially useful if the rear of your hdmi equipment is close to a wall. This helps to prevent sharp cable radius bends which can possibly damage your HDMI cable or your expensive HDMI equipment. Acute cable bends can also affect the hdmi signal quality.
(see also our 270 degree hdmi adapter which creates an upward pointing hdmi cable exit)


Insulator Material:
High-Temperature thermoplastic (UL94V-0)
Contact: Copper Alloy

Current Rating: DC 1A.
Withstanding Voltage: DC 300V, 10ms.
Insulation Resistance: 10Mohm.
Conductive Resistance: 2 Ohm.